Ingvild Langgård is a composer, musician and artist, educated from the Academy of Fine Art, Oslo (2006), specializing in sound art. She works in different media, and composes and performs music for stage, film, and in her own main music project, Phaedra. Phaedra released the album The Sea for Norwegian avant garde label Rune Grammofon in 2011. Phaedra´s music is a mix of folk and psychedelia with a dash of blues and soul; sacred death hymns and shimmering atmospheres, combining crystalline vocals, folk instruments and deep bass lines, with a touch of pure Scandinavian darkness.  As with all of Langgård´s work it blends homegrown mythology, baroque aesthetics, and the possibility of altering the perception of the audience. Her work is shown in national and international museums and galleries, such as The Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art, Oslo, Lydgalleriet, Bergen, and and Chashama Gallery in New York. Langgård also works as a curator and co-founded the artist run gallery Rekord in 2006. Langgård has been awarded several grants for her work, and received the Norwegian State´s Working Grant for young artists twice. She currently is working on the next Phaedra album, to be released 2014, as well as upcoming Fiksdal/Langgård/Becker projects.