Jamie Lee Mohr is an interdisciplinary artist and filmmaker based in Putney, Vermont. She is the producer of collaborative public access television series “Coma Club” and “Oral Tradition Tele­Vision” and creator of the pop­up gallery “Be Your Own Placebo”. Through synthesis of social practice, performance, and filmmaking, she investigates the symbiotic relationships between physical landscape, individual narrative, and cultural identity. In 2015 Mohr examined interpersonal dimensions within these themes while conducting qualitative research at a geothermal greenhouse in an isolated sustainable community in Iceland. In Spring 2016 she traveled in Cuba to further explore ways that these concepts apply to the political and cultural identity of sovereign island nations. This Fall, Mohr will continue to integrate socio­political and environmental research with her art practice while sailing in the Arctic Circle. A longtime contributor to Bunnybrains, Mohr has also performed in “N.P.R. the band” and “Degeneration Dripping with Blood Fading Away”.