I am a visual storyteller exclusively creating work in the south to highlight the beauty of queer, black, indegenious, people of color often overshadowed by white supremacy. I utilize performance art, film and music as ways to reflect the lives of my community. I am co-founder of Studio LaLaLa, a black and trans DIY mixed media production company that utilizes collaboration to centralize resources so that marginalized folks can gain access to the tools needed to actualize their artistic visions and make our voices heard. This access to truth is what drives my work and spirit forward.

My Practice depicts the complexity of blackness by shifting through the remnants and emerging landscapes of the diaspora. Rooted in the reality of black existence and flagrantly ignoring the white gaze, I use the lenses of scifi, fantasy and horror to create alternate realities for the black community to forge an epicenter for transforming trauma into love. The result is an exquisite mirage that stems from impossibility but parallels our present universe. We can uniquely walk between worlds on a path not littered with the bodies of our black ancestors but embedded with their spirit, allowing us to connect to the depths of our conscious and heal.