Karen Finley is an artist who uses the mediums of theater, performance, literature, installation, and visual art to aggressively address her subject matter which ranges from the social to the political to the personal. More often than not, she examines the oppressive attitudes directed at the abject (usually female) body. A recent recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship, and a New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship, she has also received grants from ArtMatters, Inc. and the New York State Council of the Arts, and was granted an Honorary Doctorate of Arts from the San Francisco Art Institute. In 1990, her piece entitled We Keep Our Victims Ready was singled out by conservative columnists Evans and Novak in an article which eventually led to the denial of her NEA Fellowship, and the “NEA Four” censorship controversy. Widely acclaimed as one of today’s most compelling artists, Ms. Finley has received two “Bessie” Awards, has toured extensively in the US and abroad, has exhibited in museums and contemporary art public spaces, has written two books, and has been recorded on several narrative and musical CDs.