Leslie Bull is a poet, video maker, and performance artist with lived experience in the street sex trades. Leslie is a veteran of two Sex Worker Art Show national tours, has published multiple zines, and made a video, On Being a Junkie Ho in Sex Worker World, with Penny Arcade and Ariel Lighteningchild.

Leslie is currently director of Aileen’s, a hospitality space and peer leadership program in south King County, WA serving women who trade sex along Pacific Hwy South. Aileen’s is dedicated to the victims of Gary Ridgeway, AKA the Green River killer, who took his victims from along Pac Hwy.

Leslie is a harm reduction specialist and addictions counselor who is pro drug user and pro drug use and advocates for the legalization of drugs, the decriminalization of sex work, and an immediate end to the government sponsored wars on drug users and the poor.