Dr. Lisa Bates studies how economic policy, institutionalized racism, and human perception contribute to housing inequities. Dr. Bates, who is an Associate Professor of Urban Studies and Planning and Director of the Center for Urban Studies, works with local government and community organizations to strategize planning, policy, and programmatic responses to displacement. Her research focuses on social justice in housing policy design and implementation, as well as how neighborhoods and housing submarkets change over time and in response to investment.

She recently co-edited an equity-focused issue of the Journal of Planning Education and Research, served as co-chair of ACSP’s Planners of Color Interest Group and contributed to Portland’s Strategic Planand Gentrification and Displacement Study. Dr. Bates was recently awarded both the inaugural Ed Sullivan Housing Advocate Award from Housing Land Advocates (HLA) and the 2016 William R. and June Dale Prize for Excellence in Urban and Regional Planning from Cal Poly Pomona.