Born in Algeria, Nacera Belaza has been living in France since the age of five. Following her studies in modern literature at the Université de Reims, Belaza created her own dance company in 1989. In January, 2015 she was appointed Knight of the order of Arts and Letters by the French Ministry of Culture. She enters dance as a self-taught interpreter, and develops a choreography that originates in an inner progress—a sensible awareness of the body, of space and of the emptiness inside herself. Her path resembles a quest, and tends towards the enhancement of the direct bond between the dancer and the spectator, open to the sense of the infinite of the stage. Each element of her pieces—light, space, time, body—responds to each other on stage to develop their own designs. With the repetition of the gesture, its infinite slowness, the stretching out of time, Belaza’s pieces all explore movement as one would explore a calm, a profound and continuous breath. Belaza’s desire to share and pass on has become focused on the relationship between the audiences and their territories.

Selected Press

Becoming A Circle: expanding movement with Nacera Belaza,” Soumaya El Houbba, al arte magazine, March 17, 2013.

Selected Video