It took the Fates colluding together for Neka & Kahlo to have a chance meeting in 2009. Their first musical collaboration was, in many ways, an effort on both their part to transgress the confines of their early upbringing. Neka, brought up in the Black Church, took to secular music in secret, falling in love with legends Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. Daughter of eastern European emigrants, Kahlo took to hip-hop as means of self expression when she realized she didn’t quite fit in with the rest of the Portlandians. As a youngster she took an oath of loyalty to Nas, while still indulging in the braggadocio of Jay Z. Now you can find an eclectic playlist in the duo’s headphones, anything from Michael to Miguel, Chaka Khan to Kanye, 60′s acid rock to Chance the Rapper’s Acid Rap.

Rather than latching on to some trendy sub-genre that critics can cheaply package as “something new”, the duo like to think of themselves as a vector for the convergence of a multitude of genres and sounds, expressed through the lens of their unique experience as queer women who refused to conform to any one identity alone. As the two say, “We pray to the Goddess of many faces.”