Nic Tammens (Tasmania, 1989) is currently living and working within the United States as a foreign worker. His practice engages in diverse outputs, with a focus on writing and exhibition making. These activities have come to fruition as exhibitions in the United States and Australia, as writings and projects within the pages of Un. Magazine and The Lifted Brow, and as performances within Australian and American free-music communities. Tammens was a recipient of funding from the Australia Council for the Arts in 2012.

Related Thinking

Here you can view fragments from a generative research which may or may not relate to leftist politics, publishing, philosophy, local histories, conceptual art and related ephemera.

Get Rid of Yourself, Bernadette Corporation

An Historical Survey of Anarchism in Melbourne, Takver, Radical Tradition, September 18, 2002.

HONESTY, Volume 1, April 1887–November 1888.

Robert Smithson, A Heap of Language, 1966, pencil drawing.

A Heap of Language: Robert Smithson and American Hieroglyphic, Richard Sieburth, Professor of French and Comparative Literature, New York University, from a talk on November 18, 1999.

Wittgenstein’s Ladder: The Tractatus and Nonsense, Lynnette Reid, Philosophical Investigations, 21:2, April, 1998. (PDF)

Paul Feyerabend (1975), Against Method, Outline of an anarchist theory of knowledge,