With a steady onslaught of independent media cropping up around the city in theaters, galleries, clubs, basements, and warehouse walls, Portland has gained a reputation as an important center for experimental and underground film and video. A major force in this scene is Peripheral Produce, a film and video screening and distribution project that has since 1996 offered roving, site specific experimental film events that showcase moving-image works by local, national and international artists. In its original form, the project organized monthly events in various locations throughout Portland to present experimental and underground film and video shorts. As popularity grew, Peripheral Produce expanded to include a video distribution label that compiles and releases videos of selected short works for sale to the public. Peripheral Produce’s nomadic screening format has now morphed into one large annual event, the PDX Film Festival, which has quickly become both locally popular and nationally recognized.

Peripheral Produce founder and curator Matt McCormick is a Portland-based filmmaker whose works offer abstract and witty observations of contemporary culture and environment. His films have shown widely, including the Sundance Film Festival and Lincoln Center, have been praised in publications including Art Forum and The New York Times, and will be featured in the upcoming Baja to Vancouver West Coast Contemporary Art exhibition.