Philip Grass is the electronic project helmed by Burton Schaber and Ben Durfee. The two met in 2011 while studying at University of Massachusetts, and began to slowly and increasingly orbit developments in electronic music together, attending shows on a regular basis, until they began to collaborate on their own material in early 2012. Their sound is characterized by an uncompromising instinct for change, as shuffling drums and moody pitch-shifted vocals can give way to riotous synth chords, jazz samples, or any number of other possible vibes. One can usually best identify a Philip Grass track by the sense of nocturnal nostalgia that permeates their melodic sensibility. The duo explore these seeming incredible transitions during their live performances, triggering samples, drums, and often playing live keys, with an animated air that communicates just how busy they are on stage.

Selected Press:

Philip Grass ‘All I Need’,” XLR8R, by Derek Kaneko, February 18, 2014

Devonwho’s Remix of Philip Grass’ ‘All I Need’ Is a Smoky Dream,SPIN, by Chris Martins, March 26, 2014