Quasi was formed in Portland, Oregon, in 1993 by Sam Coomes & Janet Weiss. They have toured or recorded with, either individually or collectively, Sleater-Kinney, Elliott Smith, Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks, Built to Spill, Bright Eyes, Heatmiser, the Go Betweens, Pink Mountain, Blues Goblins, The Takeovers, Jandek, and numerous other less recognizable but just as seminal bands. Prior to Quasi, Coomes was in the San Francisco band Donner Party (c. 1983-1988) and both were in the Portland power trio Motorgoat (c. 1990-1992). Joanna Bolme (Jicks, The Minders, Calamity Jane) joined the band in 2006. Quasi still lives in the new, gentrified Portland and will release a new album in the fall of 2009.

Selected Discography: Quasi (self-released, 1993); Split Single 7″ (w/Bugskull) (Red Rover, 1994); R&B Transmogrification (Up, 1997); Featuring “Birds” (Up, 1998); Field Studies (Up, 1999); The Sword of God (Touch & Go, 2001); Hot Shit! (Touch & Go, 2003); When the Going Gets Dark (Touch & Go, 2006).