Educated at the Institut supérieur d’art dramatique (ISAD) of Tunis, choreographer Radhouane El Meddeb was rewarded as ‘young hope of the Tunisian theatre’ in 1996 by the Tunisian section of the International Theatre Institute. Subsequently, he was selected to participate in the education and research courses at the Théâtre National de Toulouse under the direction of Jacques Rosner.In Tunisia he worked with key artists of the Arab world such as Fadhel Jaïbi, Taoufik Jebali and Mohamed Driss. In France he collaborated with theatre directors Jacques Rosner, Lotfi Achour and Catherine Boskowitz, and with

authors such as Adel Hakim and Natacha de Pontcharra. He performed in two films by Férid Boughedir (Un été à la Goulette et Halfaouine, l’enfant des terrasses) and took dance classes with Jean-Laurent Sasportès and Lisa Nelson.

In 2005 he created his first dance solo, performing himself, Pour en finir avec MOI, followed by a creation for Montpellier Danse in 2006, Huwa, ce lui. In 2007, Radhouane performed in Héla Fattoumi and Eric Lamoureux’ 1000 Departures of Muscles. In 2008 he created Quelqu’un van danser…, commissioned by the festival Rencontres Chorégraphiques de Seine-Saint-Denis. That same year, invited by choreographer Salia Sanou, he conceived a culinary dance performance for the event “Sonorités et corps d’Afrique”, entitled Je danse et je vous en donne à bouffer. It premiered at Centre National de la Danse and is still a highly demanded piece. In 2010 he created his first group piece, Ce que nous sommes, premiering as well at the Centre National de la Danse. Other works since: Chant d’amour (2011), Aletroit (2011), Tunis, 14 janvier 2011 (2011), Sous leurs pieds, le paradis (2012), and Nos Limites (2012, a piece for two young circus performers, produced by the 104-Centquatre in Paris). In spring 2014 followed Au temps où les Arabes dansaient… (2014) premiered at CDC Toulouse. In April 2015, Radhouane will present a prelude to his new creation, Heroes, with ten performers, at the Paris Panthéon, premiering within the framework of the festival Séquence Danse of the 104-Centquatre, where Radhouane has been associate artist since 2011.