Reno is a stream of consciousness style solo comedic performer living in New York City. Her evening length shows have had several runs Off-Broadway, both commercially and at the Public Theater and tour regularly on what might be called the “museum circuit.” She adapted her show Reno In Rage and Rehab into an ACE Award-nominated HBO comedy hour (for “best writing for an entertainment special”). She has also made other short form tragi-comic “essays” for various outlets such as Comedy Central, VH-1, and PBS.

Reno has done some non-solo acting as well, most notably in Tony Kushner’s A Bright Room Called Day at The Public Theatre; as Dr. Lopex, Edith Ann’s shrink in Lily Tomlin and Jane Wagner’s series of animated specials, Edith Ann on ABC; and for CBS as Shapiro in last year’s Witt/Thomas unscheduled sitcom, Hollywood Precinct.

Recently, Reno has been consumed with initiating her first feature film project, Reno Finds Her Mom. The piece, a “near-real-docu-comedy” follows Reno as she actually tries to track down the mother who abandoned her at birth, and will use this verite footage in combination with fictional material she is writing as the search is unfolding. The film is being directed by Nancy Savoca, produced by Reno and Rich Savoca, with Lily Tomlin, Jane Wagner and Paula Mazur as executive producers.

Understandably, Reno’s being called “…Rush Limbaugh’s vision of the Anti Christ” and many versions thereof in the press tweaks terribly the curse on her soul that will only dissolve when she finds the way into the Television Set and can nightly deconstruct Rush and that unsavory element that is Time Magazine’s Man of the Year, 1995. Do you know how to accomplish this? “Just think lovely thoughts” has not yet done the trick.