Samita Sinha is a composer and vocal artist who combines tradition with experiment to create bold new forms in music and performance. Her vocal art combines visceral energy with a deep grounding in North Indian classical music, embodied practices, and folk and ritual music in several languages. Her performance work combines voice and body, language and text, sound and music, light and visual design to create new experiences of listening, seeing, and meaning. Current projects include her solo staged work Cipher (produced by MAPP International, toured at The Kitchen, Wexner Center for the Arts, PICA, Virginia Tech, and REDCAT), as well as Tongues in Trees, a ‘uniquely-aligned trio’ (NPR) with Sunny Jain and Grey Mcmurray, whose debut album Parallel will be released this fall.

For greater context and a more in-depth exploration of Samita Sinha and her work, click here to view a PDF of collected reviews, interviews, articles and links. A great resource for those who really want to dive into the Festival!