The Julians are four of Portland’s finest classically trained female vocalists working together to explore, challenge, embrace, and sing the living daylights out of music that they love. The Julians formed in 2010 with the intention of creating genre-defying programs that seamlessly meld classical, pop, jazz, and indie music. They have performed their original arrangements in a variety of Portland venues including Alberta Rose Theatre, Someday Lounge, Splendorporium, Jade Lounge, as well as on many concert series. They collaborate frequently with local artists and are featured on Bryan Free’s 2011 album, Red Queen. The Julians are comprised of:  Kristen Buhler, Liz Bacon, Maria Karlin and Vakarė Petroliūnaitė.
“…the group sounded completely natural in a startling range of repertoire.They’re one of the most refreshing breezes to blow through Portland’s alt classical scene.” – Oregon ArtsWatch
Selected Press

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Singing with The Julians,” Dmae Roberts, Stage and Studio, November 5, 2011.

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