Born and raised in L.A. but based in Portland, Alana Chenevert became left-field rapper/singer The Last Artful, Dodgr when she moved up the Left Coast. Chenevert grew up in the middle of Los Angeles, with one of her earliest memories being a drive-by shooting that left her brother bleeding on the porch. She was only three years old, and her brother survived, but this kind of crime drove the young MC indoors, where she recorded her debut mixtape, 199NVRLND (2013). That same year, she moved to Portland, where her tape caught the ear of the local Fresh Selects. In 2015, Dodgr released the Fractures EP with production from Neill Von Tally. A year later, she partnered with Australian beatmaker DJ WNTD for the single “Squadron” and released the collaborative EP Rare Treat with Myke Bogan. Preceded by the lead single “Oofda,” Chenevert and Von Tally released the collaborative LP Bone Music in early 2017 via Eyrst. Her single “Win Is Enough” was released in July 2018 on her own PARTySIZE imprint.