Tiago Guedes studied music at the Regional Academy of Tomar (Portugal) and then at the Dance Academy of Lisbon. He collaborated with RE.AL as an associate choreographer from 2003 to 2007. As a choreographer since 2001, Guedes has created the following works: A Show with an Announced Opening, October 2002; Trio, April 2005; Matrioska, January 2007; Ópera, July 2007; and Wonderful Things, February 2008. Guedes is resident choreographer at the Théâtre Le Vivat, Armentières, France, and at ZDB Gallery in Lisbon.

Tiago Guedes’ work has been presented in several festivals and theatres in Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Greece, Slovenia, Belgium, Switzerland, Brazil, Austria, Netherlands, UK and Hungary. He is the artistic director of Materiais Diversos, a cultural association that aims to produce and spread artistic creations in dance and drama.