Uakti is a Brazilian ensemble made up of three classically trained musicians: Paulo Sergio Santos, Artur Andres, and Decio de Souza Ramos. Thegroup’s name is taken from a traditional Amazon Tucano Indian story about a monster with several holes in his body. When he ran across the forest, the wind passing through his body made wonderful and unusual sounds. Uakti the musical group is also known for their unusual and wonderful sounds. They play primarily rare, one of a kind instruments the members have made themselves, combined with more traditional woodwinds and flutes. The results of the trio’s musical compositions are unlike anything else recorded—Brazilian and jazz traditions fused together in looping layering sounds with a constant percussive undercurrent.

Uakti was signed to Point Music by Philip Glass after he heard them on Paul Simon’s Rhythm of the Saints album. Glass produced their first recording, Mapa, in 1993. Their second album, I Ching, based on the eastern philosophy of the same name, was built on the eight trigrams and their related harmonic and rhythmic structures. I Ching debuted in the Billboard World Music Chart at the #8 position in February 1994. Since then, the group has gained increased recognition worldwide for their successful combination of experimental techniques combined with authentic Brazilian sounds.