DJs Speedy and Salama (TBA:09 alumnus Johanna Ketola, with Reeta Sironen) are two friends and visual artists based in Helsinki, Finland. They share an enthusiasm for the sounds of Balkan and Eastern European folk and gypsy music, whether traditional or pop, old or contemporary, rural or urban. Their DJ set was collected through travels in Eastern parts of Europe, where they also found visual inspiration. Wonderlust mixes local styles with playful, imaginative and invented elements in their visuals, objects and costumes, creating a new visual world unique to itself.

The duo has known each other since 1987, and since 2005, they have performed in Finland, Holland, Italy and the US. Their visual DJ practice is the latest form of “Landia,” their mutual imaginary world.

Selected Video

Ooopa! Dj Duo Wonderlust in action from dj levy on Vimeo.

Dj Duo Wonderlust keeps it strong from dj levy on Vimeo.