Hailing from the isolated northwoods of rural Wisconsin but currently settled in Seattle, WA, Zola Jesus mastermind Nika Roza Danilova has spent most of the last decade mesmerizing audiences with her time-stopping, operatically-trained voice. Danilova has been touring relentlessly over the past year in support of her debut for the legendary Mute Records (and fifth album overall) Taiga—a meticulously crafted collection of evocative pop epics where the haunting synth layers of her previous efforts (while still present) take a backseat to big brass arrangements, explosively trudging rhythms, and thoughtful pop hooks. At TBA, we’ll catch a crucial glimpse at what’s behind Danilova’s massive voice. As evidenced by Danilova’s sprawling eccentric mixes for the likes of Fact, Dazed, and most recently an icy, dystopian collection for Time Out New York, the sonic backdrop for her music is a blurry and immersive aesthetic patchwork of power electronics, industrial, futurist beat music, avant-classical compositions, post-punk, IDM, R’n'B, and so much more. While Zola Jesus’ recorded work exhibits quite a singular sound, we’re excited to peak behind the veil for a rare DJ set, as Danilova gives a taste of what spins the cogs.