Myles de Bastion as part of SPACE Program

SPACE Program: The Ikigai Machine Experience

An installation by artist-in-residence Myles de Bastion

As part of the SPACE Program, the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art (PICA) will host The…

BAEP take place image for PICA, a map of Portland, OR with a gradient of faded blues and peach colors. baep press image

SPACE Program: BAEP Takes Place

A Black Art Ecology of Portland (BAEP) is a multi-discipline, multi-sited, multi-year project stewarded by artist…

Meta Gala: Reflections & Revelations, April 4,2020 at PICA

Meta Gala: Reflections & Revelations

Meta Gala: Reflections & Revelations A spectacle of radical giving, community, and hospitality. Celebrating 25 years…