Totally Nude

Neal Medlyn, Totally Nude There was a rumor going around that Neal Medlyn might take his… Continue Reading

Last of it

photo credit: Serena Davidson photo credit: Serena Davidson After a long TBA coma I have begun… Continue Reading

10 days on the Adkins Diet

Sept. 7 Brad Adkins pens letter to Mr. T. A. Witcher of Brownwood, Texas: “Dear sir,… Continue Reading


Today was a light T:BA day. But, even though I only went to see one show;… Continue Reading

Dull Bling

I like dick jokes as much as the next guy. I also enjoy Ceech and Chong… Continue Reading


Yesterday was an amazing T:BA day! By 8pm, I was glowing. By 10pm I was oozing… Continue Reading

Distance and drawings

I’ll admit, I was intimidated by the idea of having my portrait done by someone 500… Continue Reading

human weeds

Weird lumps of plant are jumping out of the windows at Disjecta. A white car peels… Continue Reading


From the Desk of the Chair We’re well-along into T:BA:06 and I felt an inner urging… Continue Reading


I have been having a hard time focusing. I don’t think I have slept in days… Continue Reading

Afternoons with Brad

9/11/06 Dear Diary, Today I met the coolest guy. His name is Brad and he’s really… Continue Reading

Nature Theater of Oklahoma

Nature Theater of Oklahoma Poetics: a ballet brut “Everything is divisible by six,” Pavol Liska explained… Continue Reading


Today was a great day for T:BA! Thank you PICA!!! Jennifer Monson / iLand at Disjecta… Continue Reading

Brad Adkins Shows Up

Posted by Anna Simon Today the rain threw everything a little off. Brad got wet on… Continue Reading

The Works

Great job on this year’s Works PICA! It is a great improvement to last year’s space…. Continue Reading

Dear David

Dear David, I wanted to reflect back to you a few snippets from your opening night… Continue Reading

A few graceful moments

On a sparsely set stage, five readers share Spalding Grey’s stories from notebooks. I’d never heard… Continue Reading


Sitting in the Whitsell Auditorium this evening, I was given a moment to reflect. The film… Continue Reading

Lots of Questions

Early in his career, James Yarker (of Stan’s Cafe) had a theory about everything as fashion;… Continue Reading

Get there

Early! As I write this, it is an hour before Nature Theater of Oklahoma begins and… Continue Reading

The most stupid question

I walk about two blocks before I realize that you shouldn’t ask the curator of visual… Continue Reading

That same old refrain

Ever since Saturday, I haven’t been able to clear my mind of the melody that keeps… Continue Reading

home is where the art is

posted by laurabecker i think i’ve been posting this same recommendation for the past three years,… Continue Reading