Being Here Now

Being Here Now: Alternative Strategies for Documentation PNCA –posted by Lisa Radon This was the most… Continue Reading

The Best Thing I’ve Seen

Lone Twin Thursday–Sept 15 posted by Gavin Shettler I can’t say enough great things about Gregg… Continue Reading

The Worst Thing I’ve Seen

Aphids Thursday–Sept 15 posted by Gavin Shettler This was awful. I was terribly bored. I aliments… Continue Reading

Carl Hancock Rux: Mycenaean

Posted by Levi Hanes “Mycenaean” is a work in progress. For the most part that forgives… Continue Reading

Absolutely amazing- Victoria Hanna

Victoria Hanna- The Works- September 14 2005 10pm Absolutely amazing- Victoria Hanna Catie O’Keefe She is… Continue Reading

Show + Tell workshop

Show + Tell: Dance to the Music Conduit, Tuesday –Lisa Radon Billed as a workshop, run… Continue Reading

Ladies of the Lake

Thursday night at The Works posted by Kirsten Collins Ladies of the lake Wade over wade… Continue Reading

Oh, Mostlandia!

posted by Amber Bell At the Mostlandian Embassy, I filed a Love and Friendship index form…. Continue Reading

Aphids Skin Quartet

Posted by Levi Hanes The Aphid’s show was a concept work based on the CIA’s categories… Continue Reading

Ladies of the Lake

“Are you mechanical? Because you don’t seem mechanical.”
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Everywhere: all at once forever. Wally Cardona + Ethel

I found that for myself the world that Wally build was representative of a city I left ten years ago and the one I live in now, a maze, an architectural wonderland, a lonely field, a crowded space. It was this city that the dancers carefully moved through, watched surround and confound them eventually surviving its destruction – either from psychic forces or physical force, and contributed to its new beginning one beam at a time.
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wc4 with ethel – everywhere

posted by laura becker so…you know that samuel beckett play, where the audience doesn’t know what… Continue Reading

The Levity of Ivana Muller

Posted by Annie Robb Photo by Patrick Sullivan You probably know by now, she did not… Continue Reading

Vladmaster: Actaeon at Home

Vladmaster: Actaeon at Home The Works, Saturday evening last –posted by Lisa Radon photo credit:… Continue Reading

Faustin Linyekula Workshop

by mel favara The class was supposed to have maxed out at twelve participants, but another… Continue Reading


Photos by Serena Davidson… Continue Reading

Saturday Workshop with DBR

by Rick Armstrong A friend of mine asked if I would be interested in attending a… Continue Reading

Pinkk/Laura Curry

Posted by Levi Hanes Reasons I hate Alberta: I am an idiot and did not look… Continue Reading

Insect of my heart

posted by Amber Bell Once, my friend Mirah sent me a box of chocolates from France…. Continue Reading

night of the locust

posted by laura becker my favorite thing about TBA so far is the first few minutes… Continue Reading

Prêt à Manger:

Cafeteria Plan at the Works [Tim DuRoche] I cried for madder music and for stronger wine,… Continue Reading

Approaching Locust

Approaching Locust An Instructional Performance Piece in three parts to be executed on three consecutive days… Continue Reading

DBR Musical instrument workshop

Daniel Bernard Roumain musical instrument workshop, 9-10-05, 9:30 am [Conversations for Change] I knew it was… Continue Reading