night of the locust

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Prêt à Manger:

Cafeteria Plan at the Works [Tim DuRoche] I cried for madder music and for stronger wine,… Continue Reading

Approaching Locust

Approaching Locust An Instructional Performance Piece in three parts to be executed on three consecutive days… Continue Reading

DBR Musical instrument workshop

Daniel Bernard Roumain musical instrument workshop, 9-10-05, 9:30 am [Conversations for Change] I knew it was… Continue Reading

8 hours of TBA

8 hours of TBA: Serious and Seriously Fun Art Yesterday was a near wintery Portland, but… Continue Reading

“This is Art?- Bruce McClure

Bruce McClure Program 1: Crib and Sift Series (Parts 1-4) Saturday September 10, 2005 4PM “This… Continue Reading


The Works is absolutely the place to be. Pass it on. Not only is it a… Continue Reading

Guy Dartnell: Perfect Lighting

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Guy Dartnell: Workshop

We spent the next two hours playing the same game in different ways – we would pair up with another participant, hold on to each other, and tell a story by trading off words as if we were one storyteller. One word apiece, back and forth, and a story would flow out.
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Does everything sound better in a British accent?

I have no complaints about this show. It held my interest and was a story well-told in an art form that’s not always easy to do. Even if the lame hipster in front of me and the virgin beside me didn’t think so, I’d listen to stories of French sexless travels any day. Plus it’s good for American’s to be reminded that people do have sex, it can be funny, and we could always spend more time talking about it in public. (Though maybe not in front of the children.)
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Guy Dartnell: I wanted meat!

Guy Dartnell Travels with my Virginity 7:30pm 9/9/2005 posted by Gavin Shetter In the tradition of… Continue Reading


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Overheard at TBA…

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STREB: Flying at Pioneer Courthouse Square

Flinging their bodies like careful rag dolls, the Streb dancers made use of the stuff of gimmick—bungee cords, hula hoops, and extreme sports attire. But their whimsy, the merriment of their orchestrated play, was the whimsy of Walt Whitman—underlined with an awareness of death and danger, and the skill and spirit of the performance outstripped the props that made it possible.
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listening to a DJ at 11am…

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Streb : Action Architect

Elizabeth STREB refers to herself as an “Action Architect” a term that makes the body shift… Continue Reading


STREB TONIGHT – *8pm Pioneer Square- FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Everyone is welcome, invited and encouraged- see bodies flying… Continue Reading

News from ABROAD and HOME

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STREB: Pop Action Lab

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Share With Your Friends

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I Just Can’t Wait…

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