feeling the festival

so perhaps because i happened to begin this year’s TBA experience as a member of the… Continue Reading

Sojourn Theatre BUILT

Not knowing exactly what to expect from Sojourn Theatre’s BUILT, I pedaled south into the new… Continue Reading

Parenthetical Girls

Parenthetical Girls An Entangled Experience Posted by: James Maxwell Sunday night at the Works was an… Continue Reading

Reggie Watts

Reggie Watts Transition Posted By: James Maxwell Every year when I blog for the TBA festival… Continue Reading

Antony and the Johnsons

(I will be thinking of this performance for a very long time). On Sunday I felt… Continue Reading


After a concert that was a rush-o-fun + severe energy, how is commentary adequate? One must… Continue Reading

Ten Tiny Dances #17

Ten tiny dances has a large following of professional dancers and non-dancers alike. I am decidedly… Continue Reading

Mike Daisey: MONOPOLY!

Five reasons why Mike Daisey could end up being the darling* of this year’s TBA festival:… Continue Reading

Reggie Watts-Transition

Him: Let’s get straight to the point: Reggie Watts is brilliant. But, I don’t know how… Continue Reading

Mike Daisey: “Monopoly”

Mike Daisey’s “Monopoly” is a time traveling, novelistic monologue, spanning the stories of Nikolai Tesla, Microsoft,… Continue Reading

Tim Crouch-England

Art can make you live longer. Thanks art. -Tim Crouch Shattering the boundaries of theatre, England,… Continue Reading

Mike Kelley, Day is Done

It’s o.k. to laugh at art. Really. It seemed to take a while for the audience… Continue Reading

Mike Daisey – MONOPOLY!

09.07.08 at The Gerding Theater 2008 Time-Based Art Festival, PICA Photo by Kenneth Aaron All Rights… Continue Reading

LeeSaar The Company – Geisha

Leesaar The Company/ Geisha 09.06.08 at Portland State University Lincoln Hall Time-Based Art Festival, PICA Photo… Continue Reading

Mike Kelley – Day is Done

Even after a day, words still fail to accurately describe Mike Kelley’s Day is Done. The… Continue Reading

Reggie Watts: Transition

Before the lights went down to signal the start of “Transition,” my friend asked me what… Continue Reading

Leesaar The Company: Geisha

Leesaar The Company Geisha Her: I had expectations. I had ideas of what it might be… Continue Reading

Reggie Watts – Transition

Transition is a vague but appropriate title for Watts’ fragmentary collection of songs, routines, moments, recreations,… Continue Reading

Mike Kelley – Day is Done

Mike Kelley continues his obsession with the artifacts of mundane ritual in this three-hour video. Based… Continue Reading

Tim Crouch Workshop: No Audience, No Echo

“I’m gonna talk a bit, then we’ll do some stuff, then I’ll talk a bit more. That’s usually how this goes, that’s all I know.”
With a laugh, and the smile that would become a familiar sight in the next three hours, Tim Crouch’s workshop began.
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Reggie Watts’ Transition

Trying to take specific notes during a Reggie Watts performance is like trying to gather Fall… Continue Reading

Antony and the Johnsons

Antony and the Johnsons In Concert with the Oregon Symphony, conducted by Gregory Vajda, Resident Conductor… Continue Reading

we built this city

at today’s chat, Mark, Erin and Kristan discussed some logistics and philosophies behind and within this… Continue Reading

welcome back

before i start my first official post for this year, i’d like to point out something… Continue Reading

Sojourn Theatre BUILT

Sojourn Theatre BUILT, directed by Michael Rohd South Waterfront Discovery Center (680 SW Bancroft) Fri. Sept…. Continue Reading

Kate Pocrass @ PMNLS

Kate Pocrass is an unusual artist. While most artists are striving to create unique objects or… Continue Reading

Argentinean’s Fear Alaska

Alaska’s characters have issues. They lash out against themselves and each other in chaotic attempts to… Continue Reading

PSU Monday Night Lecture Series

Attention Google Calendar Users… …. and lecture series appreciaters, alike: Here is a link to a… Continue Reading


While entering the theater, my boyfriend cut a few people off trying to get a front… Continue Reading

Las Chicas Del 3.5 Floppies

One woman incessantly mops and the other repeatedly asks where she can get cocaine. We learn… Continue Reading


I have to be completely honest. They had me at little suits with shorts. Unfortunately that’s… Continue Reading

Repeat After Me

Twenty-five years from now your smart-ass kid and some of his friends think it would be,… Continue Reading

Portland Cello Project

I have always loved the deep resonant sound a cello or two. Or twelve? Or fourteen?… Continue Reading

Taylor Mac

One might assume from the rather (un)clever title of Taylor Mac’s show that The Be(a)st of… Continue Reading

Claude Wampler part 1

These were my notes, taken as a Claude Wampler virgin, during her performance please see part… Continue Reading

Reading Out Loud

Last weekend, on my way to some other performance, I noticed a person perched on the… Continue Reading

Zoe Scofield & Juniper Shuey

The Devil You Know is Better than the Devil You Don’t Zoe Scofield dances (and choreographs)… Continue Reading

Stan Shellabarger

I never found Stan Shellabarger. I learned enough about him to find the places where had… Continue Reading


Found discarded on the floor after a show. Is a “chance meetings” ad time based art?… Continue Reading