Kassys Kommer

I’m tired of sad. The ten years I’ve spent collecting degrees related to the making and… Continue Reading

Larry Krone + Holcombe Waller

Dressed in red, white, and blue prison stripes, a cowboy hat, and cowboy boots, Larry Krone… Continue Reading


Posted by Chloe Despite everyone’s best efforts, the show was canceled about an hour after it… Continue Reading

Liz Haley

Polygraph Detector of Connection The face of the polygraph claims that it is the Detector of… Continue Reading

Claude Wampler

Having no preconceived notions about Claude Wampler as an artist, there was many assumptions that I… Continue Reading

I Like American Music: Part II

Krone and Waller, Authentic American Beauties. -posted by Patrick Alan Coleman Whereas Hand2Mouth’s Repeat After Me,… Continue Reading

I Like American Music

Repeat After Me, “Hand2Mouth Rocks” -posted by Patrick Alan Coleman “In 86 minutes, I will know… Continue Reading

Andrew Dickson

Posted by: James Maxwell As a twenty-four year old recent college graduate, watching Andrew Dickson’s show… Continue Reading

PERFORMANCE Now Lunchtime Chat

with Mark Russell, Philip Bither and Claude Wampler Two heavyweight American curators interviewing one of the… Continue Reading

New Media CHAT

The panel consisted of Andrew Dickson of “Sell Out,” two guys from Hooliganship, artist Peter Burr… Continue Reading

Chat: New Media and Performance

New Media and Performance – Lunchtime Chat Thursday, Sep 13th. The New Media and Performance chat… Continue Reading


I am crazy excited to see Gatz on Saturday! I love the The Great Gatsby and… Continue Reading

Larry Bamburg

You have three days to get your ass over to the Corberry Press to see Larry… Continue Reading

Claude Wampler

WARNING: This review contains secrets about the show and gives away the ending. Do not read… Continue Reading

Claude Wampler

Amazing. The Claude Wampler performance I saw yesterday was amazing. It’s now 5pm the following day… Continue Reading

tEEth: Normal and Happy

Everybody show your tEEEEEEth! Strangely beautiful and surprisingly amusing, tEEth’s Normal and Happy presents a world… Continue Reading

Gatz on Oregon Considered

Not convinced? Check out this radio piece about GATZ on OPB’s Oregon Considered. http://www.opb.org/radio/archives/2007/09/fitzgerald_made.php#more posted by… Continue Reading

Kassys, Kommer

Kommer is not a theater piece followed by a video piece. Kommer is a single work… Continue Reading

Despair never had it so good

Dear Kassys, (ahem). I love you! I adore you! You’re the best thing I’ve seen yet,… Continue Reading

Transaction fees

I hate to admit it, but Sell Out has thus far been the most controversial, provocative… Continue Reading

Mirah / Spectratone International

Upstaged by bugs! Credit where credit’s due, Mirah, along with backing from the lute, percussion, accordion,… Continue Reading

Portland Cello Group @ Works

Once again we are inundated with cello groups overpopulating the local music scene! Madness, I say!… Continue Reading

Portland Cello Project

Posted by: James Maxwell I want to begin by giving credit to the entire Portland Cello… Continue Reading

Portland Cello Project

Tuesday night’s performance by the Portland Cello Project demonstrated the group’s commitment to blending the classical… Continue Reading


Kassys tackles theatre, film, television, genre, and grief in Kommer, a multimedia performance that is as… Continue Reading

Kassys – Kommer

Kommer is divided into two parts – 1/2 live theater and 1/2 film, which together form… Continue Reading

The Gnashing of tEEth

Human Rorchach or Psychotic breakdown? -Posted by P.A. Coleman I was wholly unprepared for the visceral… Continue Reading

The BE(A)ST of Taylor Mac

There is a dilemma at the core of The BE(A)ST of Taylor Mac that any self-aware… Continue Reading

On the Read

It was time for me to move on. My brain wonders how it can cram more… Continue Reading

KASSYS / 2 views.

Posted by Meg Peterson Perched in a nearly full house at Lincoln Hall for Kassys’ KOMMER,… Continue Reading

Tiny TBA

So I’m a preschool teacher, among other things, and I jumped right on this Tiny TBA… Continue Reading

Nature Theater of Oklahoma

It’s hard not to be won over by Nature Theater of Oklahoma’s peculiar brand of dance… Continue Reading

The BE(A)ST of Taylor Mac

I love Taylor Mac. Portland loves Taylor Mac. Or at least the 200 people I saw… Continue Reading

The BE(A)ST of Taylor Mac

There is a dilemma at the core of The BE(A)ST of Taylor Mac that any self-aware… Continue Reading

Kommer by Kassys

Feeling sorry for who? Note: If you haven’t seen the piece yet, you might wait reading… Continue Reading