PICA is pleased to announce its 1998/99 performance series. Once again, the series takes place in a diverse array of venues throughout the city and features the work of some of today’s most compelling artists working in performance art, experimental theater, contemporary dance and new music.

This year’s series features nine outstanding programs including new works by choreographers Ann Carlson, Lucy Guerin and Bebe Miller; solo performances by monologist Danny Hoch and Portlander Miranda July; musical performances by John Zorn’s Masada and a double bill featuring 3 Leg Torso and England’s Tiger Lillies; a new work by British theatrical ensemble Improbable Theater and Ann Bogart’s BOB, an intimate portrait of director Robert Wilson.

PICA’s 1998/99 performance season also features two special events — Philip Glass and Robert Wilson’s new multi-media opera, Monsters of Grace, plus a benefit CD release party for Diamanda Galás’ Malediction and Prayer, part of which was recorded at her November 1996 concert in Portland.

Performance series subscriptions (excluding the two special events) are $128 general admission; $104 for PICA members. Series tickets go on sale August 15, 1998. Single tickets go on sale after September 1, 1998.

In addition to the full season subscription, we’ve created smaller series with a specific focus on one discipline — Dance Focus Series, Performance Focus Series and Music Focus Series.

For ticket information and a complete schedule of events, call 503/242-1419.

Danny Hoch

Jails, Hospitals and Hip Hop
October 9 & 10, Aladdin Theater

Danny Hoch is a young artist who spent the first half of this decade bringing conflict-resolution-through-drama to adolescents in New York City’s jails and alternative high schools with NYU’s Creative Arts Team. Those experiences have become the source for his thought-provoking and emotionally charged character studies of youth living on the edges of our society. Since 1994, Hoch has received a tremendous amount of acclaim for his theatrical work and has written and appeared in a number of television and film projects, including HBO’s Subway Stories, and Terence Malick’s new film,Thin Red Line. He was just awarded a 1998 CalArts/Alpert Award in Theatre and a 1999 Tennessee Williams Fellowship. Jails, Hospitals and Hip Hop, which premiered at Berkeley Repertory Theater during the fall of 1997, is third solo show. He previously appeared in Portland in 1996 as part of P.S. 122 Field Trips.

Special Event/Benefit CD Release Party

Diamanda Galás

Malediction and Prayer
November 4, La Luna

Diamanda Galás is an extraordinary artist of unparalleled emotional intensity. Having performed her newest innovations to sold out crowds in Portland on several occasions, PICA welcomes her back for a special event celebrating the release of her latest CD, Malediction and Prayer. For this special concert for solo voice and piano, Galás will perform selections from Malediction and Prayer, including arrangements of lyrics originally written by Charles Baudelaire, Pier Paolo Pasolini and Miguel Mixco, and songs by Son House, Johnny Cash and Phil Ochs.

John Zorn

November 7, NW Cultural Center

John Zorn is one of the most prolific musicians of his generation. His musical odyssey has taken him from his early explorations into jazz improvisation and experimental rockabilly; to programmatic sound collages based on the works of French New Wave filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard and pulp novelist Mickey Spillane; to Naked City, his hardcore punk/jazz collaboration with Bill Frisell, Fred Frith, Joey Baron and Wayne Horovitz; to his recent fascination with traditional Asian and Semitic music. Masada , which he began in 1995, is one of Zorn’s most popular and adventurous musical projects yet. This virtuoso and multi-faceted ensemble includes Zorn (saxophone), Greg Cohen (bass), Dave Douglas (trumpet) and Joey Baron (drums).

Miranda July

Love Diamond
December 4 & 5, Hollywood Theater

Since she burst onto the scene in 1995, Portland artist Miranda July has been busily making waves with her films, videos, performances and recordings which explore the world of women. In three years, she has founded Big Miss Moviola, “the largest underground distributor of lady-made movies,” founded, performed and recorded with two rock bands — The CeBe Barnes Band and The Need; directed a number of film and video projects which have been shown in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Portland, Toronto and Tokyo; performed extensively up and down the West Coast and in New York; and released five CDs of her work. July combines music with dialogue to create vignettes that defy the limitations of story or song.

Anne Bogart

January 15 & 16, NW Cultural Center

“You can’t explain theatre,” says Bob, “you have to experience it.” Bob is Robert Wilson, the legendary avant-garde director and the title character in Anne Bogart’s new stage production for the Saratoga International Theater Institute (SITI). Like Wilson, Bogart doesn’t attempt to explain her character, his life or his art; instead she creates an opportunity for the audience to experience it. Bogart is considered to be one of the foremost dramatic theorists of our time and has developed a training method for actors in which they address the issues of time and space through physical movement. She received Obie Awards for No Plays, No Poetry (1987) and Baltimore Waltz (1993), and a Bessie Award for her restaging of South Pacific (1984).

Improbable Theatre

70 Hill Lane
January 29 & 30, Hollywood Theater

70 Hill Lane is the first major undertaking of Improbable Theatre, the London-based ensemble consisting of Phelim McDermott (writer, actor and director), Julian Crouch (designer and animator/puppeteer) and Lee Simpson (actor and director). Based on McDermott’s actual childhood encounter with a ghost, 70 Hill Lane is a haunting yet humorous performance that blends visual theatre, raw-material puppetry, storytelling, improvisation, and quirky stage craft to conjure up a magical world of infinite possibilities. The Improbable Theatre made their U.S. debut this past winter at New York’s PS 122 and have received glowing critical and public acclaim both here and in England. This is a great show for the whole family.

3 Leg Torso

In Concert

The Tiger Lillies

Low Life Lullabies
February 12 & 13, Hollywood Theater

Fronted by castrati-style vocalist and accordion player Martyn Jacques, and accompanied by Patrick McHuge (percussion) and Adrian Stout ( double bass), the Tiger Lillies perform a startling mixture of operatic, gypsy song, English music hall, Bavarian folk and Berlin cabaret music. Their signature style is highlighted by the “corrosive” lyrics (limericks) and the astonishing voice of Martyn who sings about life at the bottom, hitting high notes that pierce both ears and heart with their haunting eloquence. 3 Leg Torso is a Portland-based ensemble consisting of Courtney von Drehle (accordion), Béla Balogh (violin) and Gabe Leavitt (cello). Since their inception in 1996, they have created a unique and eclectic blend of modern chamber music, Eastern European traditional folk songs and free-improvisation that has resulted in a loyal and ever-increasing local following.

Ann Carlson

Untitled Triptych
March 12 & 13, Echo Theater

Ann Carlson is a leading choreographer and major performance artist whose works blend movement, visual elements, and sound and voice sequences into some of the most unforgettable performance works of the past ten years. Her materials and subjects are unusual and varied, and are often created in a series format. She received a Bessie award for her series, Animals, which features live animals on stage and examines the presence of animals in our lives as symbols, pets, and as a mirror of our own instincts.

Special Event

Philip Glass & Robert Wilson

Monsters of Grace
April 7, Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall

Philip Glass is indisputably one of the masters of 20th century music. Robert Wilson is a phenomenon whose range and importance has no parallel in contemporary theater. Their first collaboration, Einstein at the Beach, was a dazzling explosion of movement, music, design, rhythm, voice, language, sound and light, and was heralded as one of the most important and innovative operas of this century. With Monsters of Grace, Wilson has extended his exploration of visual design to include high-tech, 3-dimensional computer animation. There are no actors on stage; instead “the cast” is comprised of Synthespians™, life-like, computer-generated characters which are projected onto the stage via 70mm film. The music, composed by Philip Glass, is performed live, off-stage by the Philip Glass Ensemble. The libretto, which is sung in English, is taken from the poetry of the 13th century Persian mystic, Jelaluddin Rumi. Monsters of Grace was commissioned in part by the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art.

Lucy Guerin

May 28 & 29, Echo Theater

Lucy Guerin is a choreographer and dancer whose work has emerged from both the Melbourne and New York dance scenes. Her new piece, Heavy, is a descent through the stages of sleep into dreaming. Constructed around the scientific analysis and study of sleep juxtaposed with the actual physical experience, Heavy uses the sleep cycle, sleep disorders and the mysterious influence of dreams to examine our fascination with our own bodily processes and our limited ability to fully comprehend them.

The Bebe Miller Company

Going to the Wall
June 11, 12 & 13, Lincoln Hall

Bebe Miller is a New York-based choreographer who has been creating dances for nearly twenty years. The Bebe Miller Dance Company, which she founded in 1985, has toured extensively throughout the U.S. and abroad, including the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s NEXT WAVE Festival, Jacobs’ Pillow and The Joyce Theater. Going to the Wall is a kinetic examination of cultural and personal identity which explores how issues of identity, aesthetics, politics and vision overlap within the creative process. The Bebe Miller Dance Company will also be in residence with PICA and will further develop this concept through workshops with local artists and the community at large.

For more information, please call PICA at 503/242-1419.



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1998/99 PICA Performance Series

PICA is an ambitious, contemporary arts organization committed to supporting innovation and experimentation in both performance and visual art. As Portland’s only organization dedicated exclusively to contemporary art in all disciplines, PICA plays a pivotal role in bringing relevant and meaningful national and international art to the community, while at the same time promoting the excellence and achievements of innovative regional artists.

Now in its fourth season, PICA is pleased to announce its 1998/99 performance series. Once again, the series takes place in a diverse array of venues throughout the city and features the work of some of today’s most compelling artists working in performance art, experimental theater, contemporary dance and new music.

This year’s season includes nine outstanding programs plus two special events — Monsters of Grace, a new multi-media opera by Robert Wilson and Philip Glass and a CD release party for Diamanda Galás’ Malediction and Prayer to benefit PICA.

In addition to the full season subscription, we’ve created smaller series with a specific focus on one discipline — Dance Focus Series, Performance Focus Series and Music Focus Series. Series tickets (which do not include the two special events) are $128 general admission; $104 for PICA members. Series tickets go on sale August 15th and may be ordered through PICA. Individual tickets go on sale after September 1st.

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