PERFORMANCE IS A CRAFT and not a right, as some artists and related others would have audiences think. Artist/performer Aki Sasamoto, however, is a rare example of someone for whom performance is both craft and right, and her latest show… is yet more proof of her uncommon expertise over this slippery medium. —Jennifer Krasinski, Artforum

This is a story about mosquitos and how much I hate them. It all started with arguments of criminality based on a reading of the French Playwright, Jean Genet. I will deprecate the achievements of the mosquitos in my immediate world. In my work, I often ask, can I physically experience hypothetical graphs? This time, I will plot lines in skewed positions and will track them with the intent to judge the things that make my life so skewed. Reps of boot camp exercises help dissect emotional discomforts that are so little that I could otherwise ignore them, but should not. This is a story about petty crimes vs. noble crimes.

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