Like the childhood game of telephone, Alex Cecchetti’s “relay performance” allows, and even encourages, a dramatic transformation of text and meaning over several days. For the first three evenings, Cecchetti will deliver a story to the audience, illustrated with found and adapted objects. At the end of his performance, the artist hands off his narrative to a selected listener, who will then re-tell the story for the following evenings. This hand-off continues until Cecchetti returns on the last day to hear a story that is no longer his own. As a deft and poetic storyteller, the artist moves gracefully between writing, performing, and crafting objects. In each instance Cecchetti invites mutation and allows for chance happenings to affect our perception, and in turn the final reading of the work.

September 7-16: Open Daily, 12-6:30pm
September 20-29: Thu–Fri, 12-6:30pm; Sat 12-4pm