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PICA presents the politically and historically immersed artist Andrea Geyer in a two-tiered engagement that includes the U.S. premiere of Geyer’s two-channel video and photographic work, Three Chants Modern and a free public lecture as part of the PSU MFA Studio Lecture Series. Sponsored in part by Blick-Utrecht Art Supplies, the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art and MFA Happy Hour, the PSU MFA Studio Lecture Series brings together artists from a variety of disciplines to explore the subjects of their own work before a live audience.

Geyer writes: “How can one rethink time? How can one rethink its form, authority and structure? How can one consciously recognize ideology and politics as embedded within the organization of time itself? What would it take to break open the existing structures that hold power over time – to release time by calling on history to reveal itself to us in new ways?

We can never rise to be great people until we bring art back as an inherent part of life.” —Katherine S. Dreier