Ten years ago Andrew Dickson was an independent filmmaker whose typical day involved riding his bike around Portland eating cheap burritos, going to basement punk rock shows and maybe doing a 4-hour temp job. Today, he writes ads for Fortune 500 companies, lives in a brand-new loft apartment, and hasn’t been on a bike in years. The Andrew of ten years ago would definitely consider the Andrew of today a sellout.

Long fascinated with street cred, artistic self-identification, personal economy, and the relationship between corporate America and culture, Dickson is publicly mining the evolution of his lifestyle from DIY to 2.0. Sell Out, his latest PowerPoint monologue, or PowerLogue, documents this journey. The show will also address how and why to sell out, penny-pinching ideas for getting by in the meantime, and what the ramifications can be once the sale has been made. And with any luck, it will be insightful and funny.

Dickson is a multi-disciplinary artist whose previous show, AC Dickson: eBay PowerSeller, premiered at TBA:04. The show, performed with his wife, Susan Beal, has since traveled to the Noorderzon Festival in Holland; Tramway, Nottdance, Arnolfini, and the Custard Factory in the UK; the EFA Gallery in New York; Highways in Los Angeles; and the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria.

Sell Out is being created specifically for the 2007 TBA Festival and marks Dickson’s homecoming to Portland after a stint in Los Angeles. He’s very glad to be back.