Curated in association with On the Boards in Seattle, Northwest New Works: PDX features a sampling of new works – performance art, dance, music, and multi-media – by some of the most innovative and engaging artists working in the Pacific Northwest today. NWNW: PDX provides artists with an opportunity to showcase excerpts of new projects, or work-in-progress and gives audiences a first look at the newest in NW performance.

Andrew Dickson (Portland)

An Evening with Bradlee features California native Bradlee Simmons, a cruppie (creative yuppie) who has recently relocated to Portland, looking for a more harmonious lifestyle. His autobiographical, multi-media seminar highlights the splendors of his new hometown, but also exposes the rampant geographic prejudice he’s had to endure since moving here. Mr. Simmons delivers a message of history, hope and forgiveness – ultimately striving to ingratiate himself with the local scene. (25 min)

Amos Latteier (Portland)

Model Notes is a slide lecture performance that explores the idea of “models”, from fashion models, to the Copernican model, to model citizens, to the Domino theory, to Wild West shows, to the Marshall plan, to urban planning, to feng shui. The performance takes the form of a business presentation – Latteier stands at a lectern and presents PowerPoint slides while speaking about models – but as the content chafes against the formality of the lecture, the performance takes a philosophic and humorous turn. (20 min)

Venue generously provided by BodyVox. BodyVox has limited accessibility. Please contact PICA at 503.242.1419 to arrange use of elevator.