Join artists, activists, and thinkers from Portland and beyond for a participation-oriented community forum exploring ideas, practices, and possibilities within the shifting terrain of art and social change. Using a small-group format, eclectic teams–including performing and visual artists, scholars of multiple disciplines, activists working within a range of sectors, LGBT Requiem Mass Think Tank participants, TBA Festival audiences, and members of the public–will gather to tackle burning issues, discuss specific projects, and devise arts-based scenarios to address local problems. Open to the public. Refreshments will be served.

Co-produced by Boom Arts (Portland). Facilitated by Ruth Wikler-Luker, Curator/Producer, Boom Arts.

This event is part of the TBA Festival Flight, Seniors, Sexuality, & Spirituality: Art and Social Change, which includes performances, workshops, and a free, day-long symposium exploring contemporary art and performance practices as potential sites and situations for social, political, and public engagement, experimentation, and evolution. Seniors, Sexuality, & Spirituality: Art and Social Change is anchored by two TBA projects–musician and performing artist Holcombe Waller’s work-in-progress, LGBT Requiem Mass, and Mammalian Diving Reflex’s All the Sex I’ve Ever Had. Scroll down to “Related Events” or see the TBA Festival catalog for more information and a full schedule of flight and symposium activities.

About Festival Flights: Festival Flights highlight artistic, political, or cultural connections among various performances, exhibitions, late-night shows, workshops, screenings, TBA Conversations, Field Guide sessions, and more. Think of a Flight as a thematic tasting–try one or two events or make time for an immersive experience across a range of related happenings.