Revolution for fruit. Whales. Numerology. Men with bullhorns. Accidents at sea. Robot ghosts. Band/art collective “Awesome” tackles the major issues of our time on their latest voyage, Here’s What Happened, sailing the ship of music into the belly of theater. Armed with an arsenal of exotic instrumentation, which includes typewriters, theremin, glockenspiel, and melodica, and drawing upon their wide-ranging backgrounds in sketch comedy, philosophy, visual arts, theatre, and various forms of music, the septet invokes an imaginative universe that is as much a child’s dream as it is an elder’s reflections.

“Awesome” has been casting its surreal magic in rock clubs, theatres, cabarets, and art galleries since 2004, gathering a following of theatre- goers, art world enthusiasts, and indie music fans, and earning them frequent collaborations with Reggie Watts and Sean Nelson; rock billings with The Presidents of the United States of America, Harvey Danger, The Long Winters, and A.C. Newman; site-specific commissions by On the Boards and Town Hall in Seattle; and commissions by The Stranger to create music tailored to literary events for authors Jonathan Safran Foer, Neal Pollack, Miranda July, Dan Savage, and Charles D’Ambrosio. Their first full-length stage performance was the 2005 Seattle hit Delaware: A Subtle Spectacular, a collaboration with director Matt Fontaine and writer Tim Sanders, which led to the recording of their debut album Delaware. 2006 saw their next stage performance noSIGNAL, a self-written art-pop extravaganza now touring around the country.