bart fitzgerald, Church in the Trap House
This spring, rapper 2 Chainz announced his “Pretty Girls <3 Trap Music” tour featuring a Gospel Choir (Trap Choir). Church in the Trap House, in conversation with Josef Sorret’s “Spirit in the Dark”, explores the religious themes and aesthetics in contemporary trap music, and what happens when the lines of sacred and secular are blurred, removed, and combined.

bart fitzgerald’s work explores black sociality, religion and queerness through a lens of liberation theology as base ideology for radical living. They make work as a visual artist, writer, lecturer and curator of vibrant life for black folks in Portland, OR. Their work has been presented at Reed College, Newspace Center for Photography, Portland African American Leadership Forum, Black Lives Matter: Portland and The Portland Institute for Contemporary Art (PICA). They have received commissions and funding from c3:initiative, Regional Arts & Culture Council, The Urban League of Portland, and numerous local and national organizations. Most recently, they were selected as a recipient of the Ford Family Foundation’s Golden Spot Award that is granted in connection with an artist residency at Caldera Arts Center in Sisters, OR.

madison moore, Touching Techno, Feeling Bass
Good techno needs a strong bass line, but bass is a complicated quality. Too much bass creates angry neighbors and noise complaints. Bass can be used in torture and you could even suffer hearing loss if you don’t keep the volume down low enough. But bass also produces affective pleasure and it gets our bodies and booties moving. How do our bodies connect with the bass on the dance floor? What does bass allow us to do or feel? Is there something queer about bass?

madison moore is an artist, cultural critic, dj and performance-maker based in London and Berlin. His work touches pop culture, queer studies, nightlife, sound, media, visual culture and contemporary art. madison holds a ph.d. in american studies from yale university and is currently an ERC funded researcher in ‘Modern Moves’ in the Department of English at King’s College London, where he is also the Director of the [email protected]’s research centre. madison’s scholarly and popular writing has been published by The Creators Project, Splice Today, Thought Catalog, Out, Aperture, Interview, Art in America, Theater, The Journal of Popular Music Studies, Dancecult: the Journal of Electronic Dance Music Culture and The Cambridge Companion to the Singer-songwriter. He has given invited lectures, held residencies and performed at universities, art galleries and nightclubs around the world, including King’s College London, the University of Oxford, Virginia Commonwealth University, the University of St. Andrews, University College London, Reed College, the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, CUNY Graduate Center, the Barbican, East Bloc (london), Elektrowerkz (London) and Performance Space Sydney. His first book, The Theory of the Fabulous Class: Creativity at the Margins, will be published by Yale University Press in 2018. He is currently working on a new project on club culture and creativity as well as an EP.