Part of Makeup on Empty Space, curated by Kristan Kennedy

Co-presented with PNCA’s 511 Gallery & Director of Center for Contemporary Art and Culture, Mack McFarland

“Dan Seward is the real thing, a rare thing, an artist who makes work out of his own authenticity as opposed to trend… his store is an installation about dissonance and harmony, community and individuality not unlike being in the best gallery, one defined by eclecticism and openness.” – Hilton Als

Dan Seward, also known as Bunnybrains, is a musician, curator and promoter in Hudson, New York, where he runs the celebrated (and somewhat nomadic) record store, John Doe Records. This exhibition focuses on Bunnybrains thirty plus years as a transgressive, mutable, collaborative, performative project and what it means to illustrate the life of a true muse. From live broadcasts of Bunnybrains radio show Battlefield Earth, participatory workshops, rotating guest exhibitions, spontaneous happenings and performances, the artist shares their space with you in an effort to vivify “Bunnybrains is all”.

Bunnybrains’ career highlights include a vinyl only pressing with Matador, a national tour supporting Devendra Banhart, a four CD boxset that garnered raves from the indie press, and opening for a reunited Hawkwind—a set credited with giving the many hippies in attendance bad trips.

Workshops with Bunnybrains

Bunnybrains will be holding a series of daily workshops, talks, and other events inside the 511 Gallery during TBA. Most events happen at 3:00 PM daily.

Thu Sept 08, 2:00 PM

How To Kill IT Vol. 2

A motivational art seminar by DanBunny. Helping the helpless unlock their hidden art potentials.

Sat Sept 10, 2:00 PM

I Zine, You Zine and Reading with Shanekia McIntosh

Participatory Zine workshop and a short reading featuring Bunnybrains.

Mon Sept 12, 3:00 PM

A Tender Reading with Shanekia McIntosh

Exploring complex realities of postmodern black womanhood through prose, sound and visuals. (event is short; please arrive on time)

Tue Sept 13, 3:00 PM

Tight, Electric, Dreamscapes 2.0: Capacity Building with Jamie Lee Mohr

Premordial Games

TED talks. That stands for Torture, Economics and Denial… Or is it Territory, Empire, and Destruction… Or was it Tight, Electric, Dreamscapes? Whatever the case Jamie Lee Mohr of Bunny Brain’s knows it could not possibly stand for something as banal and bass­ackwards as “Technology, Entertainment, and Design.” If it did, she would have to destroy it, ferally chew its marrow and serenely toast marshmallows to perfection over the smouldering embers. NAMESTE. As a great mind once said, “You can’t eat Power Point slides, but you can suck dick for rent money.” In this sensual bedtime story for POWs of the American Dream, Ms Mohr explores with text, spoken word, google stock images, and naked vulnerability all of the important stuff they did not teach you in school. If that even­-keeled NPR newsreader was forced to drop the brown acid, read covert history, drink a tumbler of lead ­contaminated working class piss and then attempt to explain this failed utopia we call America they might approach via wobbly fawn legs Ms Mohr’s magical misery tour.

Wed Sept 14, 3:00 PM

Music Video + Sound workshop with Bunnybrains!

Thu Sept 15, 3:00 PM

Skype Conversation with painter Jean Smith

Fri Sept 16, 3:00 PM

Screening with Alessandra Genovese and Katherine Bauer

- observation of the giant sequoia -
Presentation by Holly Gardner

Sat Sept 17, 3:00 PM

Live webcasting to the Soundscape Festival in Hudson, New York