Blind Coven will feature Portland-based songwriter, songstress, and actor Amenta Abioto. Abioto’s work is on the cutting edge of all that is musical, theatrical, and literary. Her music is boldly mystical and soul-fired, and her raw improvisational live performances invoke elements of both theatrical surprise and magic through ancient African diasporic sounds and stories. She brings to the music scene funky academia while skipping vocally from soul-shaking gospel and smooth jazz to hip hop rhythms wrapped in West African beats. The performance will feature a boutique designed 10-channel surround sound system as well as correlating lighting and visuals from artist DB Amorin.

Blind Coven is an ongoing internationally curated space and dialogue of sound artists, sound designers, composers, and experimentalists. While the event locations shift between Brisbane, Australia and Portland, Oregon the central focus remains on immersive listening. Blind Coven seeks to create reverent space for the physicality of sound and its experiential intimacy with the body as a place of resonance.