Through Roll, Spin, Flip, Heather Donahue and Grace Hwang invite participants to create and respond to movement prompts using traditional game pieces that are based on an element of chance: the dice, the spinner, and the playing card.

Together we will develop a movement language utilizing colors, shapes, text and images to perform a series of movements and interactions.  This will all take place on C’mon Language’s flooring, which can be interpreted as a dance floor or game board. Improvisation, negotiation, and provocations will be embodied by participants, as we build a series of movements and interactions between one another.

This workshop is developed from Materials and Movement Studio, the collaborative practice between Heather Donahue and Grace Hwang, in which they research, exercise, and play with art materials and physical movement. Beginning with the problematics of documenting choreography and relationship between language and movement, the artists’ explorations are shaped and structured through inquiry and restraints. Often taking the form of an open studio or workshop scenario, the public is invited to join and contribute to their growing body of artistic research. Currently, Heather and Grace are examining improvisation, movement, and rule-based games as tools for creative play and self-care.

Presented as part of Anna Craycroft’s C’mon Language project and the TBA:13 Festival. For more details on weekly events, visiting artists and scholars, and other related events, please visit the C’mon Language event page below.