In this video, Christina Lucas stages artful vandalism and cathartic protest. A group of Liverpool unionists and their families alter the façade of the now-defunct but forever iconic/ironic “Europleasure International” building. Today, many buildings like this one stand empty in post-industrial cities as obsolete monuments to a past economic era—memento mori of the recent history of the metropolis.

Capitalism’s pressures have steadily dispersed such factories to new sites in former “third” or “second” world countries. Surely, whether in India, México, or Morocco, there is a new Europleasure International in operation, maybe even bearing the same name, sharing the same philosophy or producing the same goods.

Touch and Go was made possible by the Liverpool Biennial and supported by the Arts Council England, England Northwest, Calouste Gulbenkian Fundation, SEACEX, and Gobierno de España.