TBA:17 Guest Scholars d.a. carter and Robin Deacon present back-to-back lectures that engage their current research, practice, ideas, and questions.

d.a. carter, Black Want: A Hennessy Lecture
This informal talk uses black critical theory, cognac, and music to explore the cultural life of black desire.

d.a. carter is a writer, teacher, and cognac sipper. He is currently completing Obscene Material, a book examining black girlhood and scandal in 1919 Washington, D.C. He is also a member of the Queering Slavery Working Group, an interdisciplinary collective that uses Tumblr to place black queer studies in conversation with the history of enslavement.

Robin Deacon is known for his lecture performances on subjects as diverse as the former US Secretary of State Colin Powell, the relationship between videotape and time travel, as well as his experiences of institutional infiltration in both the retail and education industries. Working with a turntable and a series of strange, obscure records from his own collection, Robin will perform a series of fragmented parables and cerebral rantings that will form the basis for a new publication in the coming year.
Robin Deacon is a British artist, writer, filmmaker, and educator. His work has explored questions of memory, absence and fiction in performance, through a constant reconfiguration of his role as an artist – as a journalist and biographer, operator and technician, imposter and stooge. His recent research projects have explored histories of video documentation and outmoded media formats, as well as the practice and ethics of performance reenactment. His live and screen based work has been extensively presented in Europe, the US, and Asia. He is Associate Professor and Chair of Performance at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.