Linda Austin and Tahni Holt perform their solo adaptations of Room, individually commissioned and adapted as part of Hay’s Solo Performance Commissioning Project in Findhorn, Scotland. Room engages Austin and Holt in several questions that challenge and excite their perceptual and physical limitations. A mischievous sense of play interacts with a sense of the darker side of our present political moment. Whether the performers are aligning their bodies with the harmonious energy of the circular stage or disturbing it, Room resolutely questions recognizable dance vocabularies, developing an aesthetic realm of its own.

Former New Yorker and current Portland resident, Linda Austin continues to be fascinated with the puzzle of the human body’s awkward, lyrical and often accidental beauty. Her work has been presented at Performance Space 122, The Danspace Project, and the Northwest New Works Festival at On the Boards and TBA. She currently directs Performance Works NorthWest, which she co-founded with Jeff Forbes in 1999.<p/P

Tahni Holt is most interested in researching the body as architectural and cultural identity. As a choreographer and performer, she’s drawn to space: the space between two points, space as locator, an identifier, shaped by momentum in its presence or absence. She has performed throughout the Pacific Northwest as a soloist, and with her company, Monstersquad, which was founded in 2002.

Project supported in part by the Regional Arts & Culture Council.