Delta will be closed on Wednesday, November 22, Thursday, November 23, Friday, November 24, Thursday, December 7, and
Friday, December 22

DELTA is a six-channel film which seeks to portray the simultaneity of time, the democracy of experience, the reality of emotion, and the multiplicity of characters in three dimensions. It follows the story of Doug, a 20 year old,as he attends his first rave, comes of age, gets high and is discovered performing mock “operations” in his living room by his father, a surgeon. Shot on Super-8 and 16mm, and transferred to glass laserdisc, with an original soundtrack by APHEX TWIN, the work was originally exhibited in the fall of 1997 at Marianne Boesky Gallery in New York City. Twenty years later, we remount this epic work in its original format.

Delta will be accompanied by a series of performances, screenings, lectures, and happenings that address the angst of the time, the connectivity to this current moment, and the collaborative spirit of making, living, dying, and experimenting in the 80’s and 90’s, living between burgeoning communities in Portland, Oregon and in New York’s famed Lower East Side.