Welcome to the Neighborhood Live! expands the reach of the weekly radio broadcast bringing the very best from the northwest to the stage! DJ Klyph curates a night of Hip Hop featuring some of Portland’s finest.

Vursatyl is an MC, singer / songwriter, best known for being a frontman for the Portland-based Hip Hop group, Lifesavas. His lyrics are smart, sharp and delivered with a complexity in flow. He’s widely known as one of the best MC’s in independent Hip Hop.

Theory Hazit, an accomplished emcee/producer, has toured the US as well as Europe and worked with the likes of S1, Strange Fruit Project, Redman, Oddisee and Lecrae. Theory takes Hip Hop to another level by creating cinematic soundscapes and transparent lyricism.

Mic Capes is a Hip Hop artist from Portland, OR that represents the North Portland neighborhood, St.Johns. Capes is known for having vivid story telling ability, raw lyricism, and thought provoking social commentary as key components of his music.

Neka & Kahlo met by chance in 2009. Neka, brought up in the Black Church, took to secular music in secret. Daughter of eastern European emigrants, Kahlo took to Hip Hop for self-expression. In the duo’s headphones you can now find, anything from Michael to Miguel, Chaka Khan to Kanye, 60’s acid rock to Chance the Rapper.