Hosted by Andrew Dickson and co-produced with Claudia Meza

It’s time we said it, 2016 has been rough. Every passing month has added yet another weight on our collective heads making it harder and harder to keep them up.

We’re in the middle of a contentious election year that feels like never-ending satire. We’re getting yelled at by talking heads spouting propaganda, grandiose statements, and empty promises. All while our social media reverberates a never ending echo chamber of opinions on pretty much everything from systemic racism to Pokemon Go.

We lost Prince and we lost Bowie, but Trump will not go away. There are townhouses selling for millions of dollars on Killingsworth only blocks away from a 7-Eleven. They keep finding lead in our water, and don’t get me started on the police.

It’s official, we need an airing of grievances.

We need to get this all out. We need to vent. We really should be therapeutically smashing things, but I’ve been told that’s logistically a nightmare to produce and there are way too many insurance hazards, plus no one wants to clean it up.

So here’s the next best thing: Don’t Get Me Started, an evening featuring well-crafted rants by artists, comedians, activists, and everyday citizens, with MC Andrew Dickson. After a series of presentations by invited guests, audience members will have a chance to participate in an open-mic style “speed round” of one-minute rants.

To pitch yours, please email [email protected], or just show up and put your name in the hat.

Your soapbox and microphone awaits.