In conjunction with our exhibitions Delta and Doomtown, we’re screening Steven Doughton’s Buoy and Vu Pham’s short The Cutting Shadow.

Join us on the 29th to watch these films and mark your calendars for our next two viewing events on December 13 and January 10.

Buoy synopsis:

A married mother of two, unexpectedly pregnant with her third child, answers the phone to hear a voice from her distant past. Against the backdrop of various subjects – his narrow escape from a sinking fishing vessel, her deep loneliness as a parent, their shared and complicated history – the 80-minute conversation reveals the deeper stories of their selves, at the same time it explores universal questions: What does it mean to be a good person and to live your life well? How do you keep your disappointment in—and envy for—another person’s life choices from standing in the way of your love for her or him? Is it possible to forgive betrayals of the past as you commit one in the present?

The Cutting Shadow’s synopsis:

A man accepts an opportunity from the cartel to rise up in the underworld while his forsaken lover delivers cruel moral lessons from behind the veil of contempt. That very night, the couple meets with unexpected visitors, Vietnamese immigrant brothers who are cast into the dark seas of American life. One particular brother’s affection for the woman entangles him in her machinations and mayhem is visited upon the group. Around the corner from this chaos awaits a revelation that reveals the secret architecture behind their thin walls of reality.