In conjunction with our exhibitions Delta and Doomtown, we’re screening short films by Charlie Ahearn. Free admission, free beverages, and free snacks! All ages and all are welcome!


New York City Hip Hop Convention: An early test for his movie Wild Style, Ahearn produced the first video of the underground culture starring the Chief Rocker Busy Bee

Bongo Barbershop: Hip hop pioneer Grand Master Caz battles new African MC Balozi Dola, rhyming in Swahili in the Bronx

Subway Sampler: NYC train scenes with performers

Eskalators On The One Train: Chaos and music in the system

All City Take It To The Bridge: Hip Hop meets Brass Band on Brooklyn Bridge

5 Grand Masters: Roots Bboy Battle Mr Freeze UBC

Dirt Style (Le Metro Paris): After the Metro closes the painting begins

Dancing Industry: So So Glos and Waffle Crew dancers on the Q train