Doomtown will be closed on Wednesday, November 22, Thursday, November 23, Friday, November 24, Thursday, December 7, and
Friday, December 22

Curated by Kristan Kennedy and Steven Doughton

Doomtown is a sprawling group exhibition named after the famed
Wipers song. Part timeline, part homage, the show features artists
whom have had a deep impact on Doughton’s life and practice. The
work on view spans four decades, several geographies, and almost
every genre and material. It traces a line from Portland, Oregon to
the Lower East Side of New York reflecting the experimental,
inclusive, collaborative, and expressive eorts of these two close
knit artist communities.

In addition to our gallery hours, don’t miss what we are screening in conjunction with Doomtown. Save the dates and join us on November 29, December 13, and January 10 at 7 PM for the below feature length and short films:

Wednesday, November 29 at 7 PM: Steven Doughton & Vu Pham
Steven Doughton, Buoy
Vu Pham, The Cutting Shadow

Wednesday, December 13 at 7 PM: Charlie Ahearn
Subway Sampler
Eskelators on the One Train
All City – Take It To The Bridge
Dirt Style (Le Metro Paris)
Dancing Industry
New York City Hip Hop Convention
Bongo Barbershop
Five Grand Masters

Wednesday, January 10 at 7 PM: Kembra Pfahler presented by Dirty Looks with additional works by Lary 7 and Steve Brown
Kembra Pfahler, Cowboy Stories
Kembra Pfahler, Cornella; The Story of a Burning Bush
Kembra Pfahler, Blade Runner Song
Steven Doughton, Mr. Twilight
Richard Kern, Sewing Circle
Mike Kuchar, Blue Banshee
Annie Sprinkle, Amazing World Of… (excerpt)
Steven Doughton, Ferrum 5000
Simeon Soffer, Chopsley: Rabid Bikini Model
IFC TV, I Believe in Halloween
Kembra Pfahler, Trilogy of Teri
Kembra Pfahler, Solider of Female
Lary Seven, The Robot Movie
Steve Brown, The Jones

Lary 7, Charlie Ahearn, Rudy Autio, Lisa Beck, Michael
Brophy, Steve Brown, Steve DiBenedetto, Steven Doughton, Judith
Poxson Fawkes, Tessa Hughes-Freeland, Storm Tharp, Jessica
Jackson Hutchins, Richard Kern, Cynthia Lahti, Marne Lucas,
David Markey, Ivan Morrison, Olivier Mosset, Chuck Nanney, Henk Pander
Jacob Pander, Steven Parrino, Kembra Pfahler, Vu Pham, James
Romberger, Ruth Root, Ben Sams, Michelle Segre, Samoa, Bill
Schwarz, Eric Stotik, Judy Teufel, David Wojnarowicz,
Philip Zimmerman, & …