Minor Theatres (wrkshp 1) is a project to begin a project. A question of time over the horizon. Emily Roysdon has invited a dynamic array of specialists to talk about TIME- conceptually, abstractly, poetically, practically, materially and performatively. In symbols, text, stars, characters, and movements. Emily begins her residency at TBA by creating a sundial, a measure of time each day. Pointing to the ‘festivalness’ of this encounter, the sun burning hot on each day, on Con-way. The workshops in between will expand a vocabulary and conversation that will be convened into yet another measure of time- a calendar. This calendar will begin the performance project that will culminate next year at TBA. And, of course, it’s all about ‘performance-time’, and these questions about the elements in theater, dance, performance art, etc… so these questions and specialties come to bear on TBA through this year’s compositions. All these measures, all these vocabularies and conversations – Roysdon wants to “try to re-organize, un-articulate, and dis-compose time into something that I can put back together in another way. To find more space in time.”

Roysdon is joined by: Playwright: Andrea Stolowitz, Writer: Sara Jaffe, Astrologer: Rhea Wolf, Astronomer: Jan Dabrowski, Ecofeminist: Jackie Davis, Lighting Designer: Itai Erdal, Choreographer: Miguel Gutierrez, Choreographer: Keith Hennessy

Friday the 13th:
2:00 PM Andrea Stolowitz
3:00 PM Sara Jaffe

Saturday the 14th:
6:00 PM Rhea Wolf
7:00 PM Jackie Davis

Sunday the 15th:
2:00 PM Jan Dabrowski

Monday the 16th:
10:00 AM Miguel Gutierrez
3:00 PM Keith Hennessy

Tuesday the 17th:
6:00 PM Itai Erdal

Commissioned through PICA’s Calligram Fund for New Work, If I Can’t Dance Amsterdam, STUK/Museum M (Playground) Leuven, and with the Stedleijk Museum Amsterdam, with additional support from Corpus, European Network For Performance Art, funded through the European Union.