A system with no clear purpose. A series of cast symbols and forms that could be tools or letters in a strange alphabet. A drawing made from pulleys and ropes suspended from the ceiling. For Erika Vogt’s contribution to End Things, the artist invites viewers to actively participate by handling her ambiguous sculptures. Vogt casts her work from a variety of reclaimed molds that once had one particular function, but have been repurposed by the artist as a series of enigmatic tools or ritualistic objects. Her arrangements provoke viewers to partake in a physical and interactive experience with the work and, in doing so, to shift from the immediate materialism of the things themselves to a mystic and spiritual understanding of the forms. Vogt’s animism is interactive; viewers can pull the cast objects up and down for the duration of the exhibition, guided by the artist’s hand-drawn index at the entrance. Through the awkward movements and manipulations that Vogt invites through her sculptures, she implores the viewer to leave comprehension at the door in favor of an empathetic relationship with the objects they hold in their hands.

September 7-16: Open Daily, 12-6:30pm

September 20-29: Thu–Fri, 12-6:30pm; Sat 12-4pm